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Therose {Wiccans/Pagans}Tarot Card Readings, Dream Insight and Place for spells

A place for the Heart to go.

The place for Spells
The story of dreams.
The Story of the Tarot.
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A place for the Heart to go.
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A warm place for your heart to go.


 Soul Mates

Ultimately, for everyone, there is only one person in the world, and that is themselves. This is not so strange, for we are born alone, and die alone.

It is living alone that is hard.

So the best we can do, and the happiest we can be, is to find another to share the time and, for however long it lasts, we call it Love.

But sometimes, and only so rarely, we are lucky enough to find something of the essence of our being in another person - and that unit is the greatest love, for it knows no barriers.

It went on before and carries on after.

If this coupling can take no part in the future together, then that is their destiny, but they cannot lose what really belongs to them, even if they throw it away.

Therefore there should be no anxiety.

All that need concern them is that they remain true to their natures in this life....

And wait for the next.

Jenni Shell 1978 : Image Lee Bogle


Credit to Jenni Shell

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